Beer for beginners.

With this being my very first post, on my very first blog I wanted to start off talking about my big interest in beer. I first started learning about the process of making beer at home with a guy I was dating a year ago. He had his own beer equipment and was making beer in a wine barrel straight from his garage. That’s when I discovered how much chemistry there is to it. One of my favorite sites to read about beer is called and it gives you insight and suggestions to beer making. When creating a certain type of beer it comes down to personal preference and what types of flavors you like. I became fascinated in the techniques and steps for brewing and how temperature and time were large factors in getting the flavors to be exactly right.

Now working at a Brewery I have become even more familiar with picking and choosing a particular blend that would pair well with what your eating or for any drinking purposes. The beers we carry at Loma Brewing company are pretty traditional the first beer they came out with was a German style Kolsch which is lightest in color and taste, it is considered a German ale. I would suggest this beer with cheese, nuts, and or fruit. Even bbq or grilled foods would pair well with this style of beer because it’s easy to drink. It provides a clean, crisp mouth feel to it. The history behind the making of a Kolsch blend was during the late 1800’s there was a lager revolution the brew masters started to lighten up this batch by using modern pale malt and added some new lager techniques. The Kolsch at Loma is made with a unique ale yeast and it is probably my favorite beer on draft. If you’ve never tried this style of beer I would compare it to any of your lighter beers that you’ve tasted.

Knowing how to select beers that you find delicious is not always easy it takes time to develop…this process is a journey and I will continue learning all there is to know about different styles and beers and one of these days will try and recreate my own version. Until next time, enjoy!


PS. Check out Loma Brewery!


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Hey everyone, my name's Natalie Lyndon and I'm here to tell you all my passion for all things sour! Once I discovered that there was an entire category of beers that were sour created I have been on a journey to discover and taste them all. I love tart flavors when it comes to it I will pretty much will put lemon on anything.
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