Craft Beer industry continuing to grow!

The craft beer industry is on the rise and will continue to be since Americans are becoming more and more adventurous with types and styles of beer they are willing to try. The Brewers Association did a study that believes by 2020 the craft beer industry will hit about 20 percent volume share, right now they are currently at 11 percent of the overall beer industry. There is a constant rise of breweries that are popping up around the United Sates and its difficult to market them all and for each one to stay profitable. On their defense consumers are loyal to their local breweries and want to continue tasting and testing their creations.

Buying “local” is the feeling that consumers like and want to support similar to a farmers market buying fresh and local fruits and vegetables are better for the environment and the community you live in. Same goes for beer lovers and brew masters that are passionate about their craft. The IPA hype that drew people into loving beer was a starting point for some and others are willing to try more. Craft beer is installed in American culture some of the bigger named brands of beer such as Buddlight, Millers, Coors, are loosing out. I think craft beer will continue to be the best thing that’s ever happened to the beer industry and I hope breweries continue to make their delicious blends for us to try. 


About ndlyndon

Hey everyone, my name's Natalie Lyndon and I'm here to tell you all my passion for all things sour! Once I discovered that there was an entire category of beers that were sour created I have been on a journey to discover and taste them all. I love tart flavors when it comes to it I will pretty much will put lemon on anything.
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