Breweries in the San Diego area

Being a millennial and being in my 20’s I’ve just started learning about the industry of beer making I have also been curious to know the process of wine making. Some prefer beer and some prefer wine it’s all personal preference. It’s interesting to understand the differences that make up both, I’m curious to see the different techniques and skills it takes to develop the flavor. Yesterday I went and checked out a couple breweries in the San Diego area while visiting my sister and I came across some interesting finds. The first brewery I checked out was Green Flash Brewery they have a lot of RND blends which stands for Research and Development I never heard of the term beforehand but I guess it means they make a batch of something and put it on tap so that the public can decide if they like it or not. The employee’s and loyal beer drinkers share their ideas behind it and if it’s a hit then they keep it around. They have three different cellars so it depends on what cellar you go to since the summers coming they are getting rid of stouts and coming out with more lighter blends.

We went to cellar three and I was so happy to find out they had a sour tasting Saison it was a wordy name but it was a Belgian style Saison fermented with Brettanomyces then after its fermented in red wine barrels that have a sweet, dark cherry puree. I absolutely loved this flavor it was very complex and I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone it has a lot going on. The other brewery we went to was Ale Smith brewery and they also have a wide variety of styles what was neat about this place was they had a barrel aged bourbon room with only bourbon style beers this type is very heavy, dark in color and high on the ABL level. Most of these styles have a woody flavor like a cherry or apple wood bark note. You see people drinking these styles when it’s colder out because they are rich and have a carmel, molasses, coffee tone to them. I suggest trying them out regardless of the time of year or weather.


About ndlyndon

Hey everyone, my name's Natalie Lyndon and I'm here to tell you all my passion for all things sour! Once I discovered that there was an entire category of beers that were sour created I have been on a journey to discover and taste them all. I love tart flavors when it comes to it I will pretty much will put lemon on anything.
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