Can beer make you fat?

I’ve been looking into these common questions regarding beer and what are the leading causes to these simple answered questions. How does beer make someone add a couple pounds? Should beer drinking be used in moderation all the time or can we indulge whenever we feel like. I know that drinking alcohol all the time of course can be a leading factor in weight gain but I wanted to understand the science behind what is actually going on in the body when you consume this drink. What reactions does the body do in order to break down the enzymes and provide that boozy feeling. Another reason I was curious about this question was because I was at a baseball game with my sister, we both drank two beers and had one mixed drink (vodka and redbull) and then did a test to see what our alcohol blood level was at. There was police officers offering to let you blow into breathalyzers and see what your number was. I blew a .02 and my sister blew a .08 which is the legal limit to be able to drive a vehicle. I was absolutely blown away that she was so much higher than me in, one of the reasons is because she weighs a lot less and her body doesn’t break down alcohol the same, her body takes longer which is why she felt like she’d had enough to drink in just those two drinks consumed.

The main reason for weight gain is CALORIES some beers have just as much calories as an entire meal so when people are eating a high calorie meal and also drinking a beer they are consuming that much more even an entire meal worth of calories all at once. If you are not aware and cautious of this then over time you will see the scale increase and your body becoming bigger in negative ways. For me I see that calories is one thing but also the ingredients that make up beer are high in gluten, wheat, barley, different strains of grains are high in calories and make up that extra belly fat too. I don’t think I will give up my love for beer but I will continue to make other efforts to eating healthy and working out so I can afford to have those calories in my drink of choice.


About ndlyndon

Hey everyone, my name's Natalie Lyndon and I'm here to tell you all my passion for all things sour! Once I discovered that there was an entire category of beers that were sour created I have been on a journey to discover and taste them all. I love tart flavors when it comes to it I will pretty much will put lemon on anything.
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