This multimedia page is to highlight all the hard work I’ve done this semester and to showcase the project’s I have created. I have managed to learn new media skills that I never thought possible in our first project we worked with photoshop and used an original photo and edited it into three different versions of itself a web, JPEG, filtered version along with using the original version of the photo as well. Our next project we were asked to create two infographics that related to the topic of our choice. From the beginning of the semester I chose to stick with craft beer for my blog and projects. For the infographics I chose to do the first one on Wheat beer and the second on Sour Beer and provided key facts about the history and process of making these types and styles of beer. Our next project was to create a podcast using Audacity about our topic and tie it into our blog posts in some way. I did mine of beer yoga and how the two have connected and made their appearance into today’s culture. The next project we were assigned to was a 5 to 6 minute movie with a front and back end slate with transitions, music beds and voice over explaining the movie we used Adobe creative cloud- Premiere. All projects we used some form of Adobe platform which has prepared and given me the skills in new media technology.