Video Project

This assignment we were given the task to use Adobe creative cloud- Premiere Pro as the software template. It was called The Video on Demand casting or in other words VODcasting project. The details were to create a movie lasting about 5 to 6 minutes and to make sure you have a front slate and backend slate meaning a beginning and an end slide to show when the movie has begun and when the movie is coming to an end. We also had to add transitions between each part of the movie whether that be between pictures and or video there needed to be a smooth transition to each asset. The last requirement was to add a music bed and or voice over explaining what was going on through out the movie. I personally added both pictures and video’s to mine and had music playing in the background. After the finished product we uploaded it to YouTube and submitted the URL onto our school’s database called canvas. I really enjoyed creating a movie about the brewery I work at because I got to record my fellow co workers and get a feel for how add clips, music, and all different forms of media into one final piece. It was fun and interacting and I think my work loved the work I put together!