New Bohemia Brewing Company

I checked out this new brewery in Santa Cruz and I just absolutely fell in love with it the brewery is fairly new and they have some really good blends. This brewery specializes in European style craft lagers and ales they have a lot of beers that they add fruit too which gives it a refreshing taste. When I visited this weekend I sampled the kolsch with oranges added to it, the oranges gave it a subtle yet earthy feel. You could really taste the orange peel and it wasn’t over powering it just gave the light beer a unique twist. The other beer I tried that I enjoyed was a Hefeweizen sweetened with raspberry it was still on the lighter side but had a nice fruity component to it. This brewery is in a great location because you can sit outside and enjoy a great view while sipping on a cold one.

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Lagunita’s Brewing Co.

I decided I wanted to write this next blog post about one of my favorite breweries, without a doubt Lagunita’s Brewing company comes to mind. They are based out of Petaluma, Ca and have expanded tremendously. They are now the 6th largest craft brewer in the U.S. There second brew warehouse is in Chicago, IL and they just recently decided on opening a third location in Azusa, Ca. Lagunita’s was ranked 10th largest overall brewery nationally and is in a 50/50 partnership with Heineken International which is an even bigger deal!  Continue reading

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Beer Can Chicken

I was watching food network and came across a deletable recipe that uses beer to flavor chicken, it gives the chicken moistness, juiciness, and flavor you cannot get from anything else. After reading some recipes and questions to see if it matters what type of beer to use, I found the answer to be it does not matter what type of beer, it tastes the exact same according to a majority of opinions on Bon Appetit magazine the difference is the way you cook the meat, getting a crisp exterior and making sure it’s cooked all the way through.

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Beer Yoga

I have just discovered the latest trend that in becoming a huge hit in Europe, Beer and Yoga! The two have collided and have joined forces thanks to two yoga instructors from Berlin, Julia and Emily. They’ve begun teaching classes inside breweries with the cost being $5 for a beer to enjoy during a class. What could be more perfect? Wine and cheese,  peanut butter and jelly now they have combined the two greatest things beer and yoga. The philosophies of yoga are to essentially reach your highest level of consciousness and in history they believe beer drinking was one of the ways to get there. The two teachers discovered this activity at the music and arts festival Burning Man.

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Craft Beer industry continuing to grow!

The craft beer industry is on the rise and will continue to be since Americans are becoming more and more adventurous with types and styles of beer they are willing to try. The Brewers Association did a study that believes by 2020 the craft beer industry will hit about 20 percent volume share, right now they are currently at 11 percent of the overall beer industry. There is a constant rise of breweries that are popping up around the United Sates and its difficult to market them all and for each one to stay profitable. On their defense consumers are loyal to their local breweries and want to continue tasting and testing their creations.

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Wheat Beer…

My next discovery was on the simple question what is a wheat beer? I know that most beers essentially are made with the idea that wheat is one of the main ingredients which to my discovery is somewhat true. Wheat beer originated from Belgium and Germany and goes back a long time in history. The two star ingredients are wheat and malted barley besides adding fruits, spices and other ingredients that make them unique to the master that is creating their own signature batch they all start out with a couple of the same ingredients. Wheat beer usually has a distinct flavor profile which results to flavors like orange peel and coriander, both perfume the wheat beer other flavors that you might find are banana and cloves. Wheat beer has a low bitter content and has been nicknamed “White beer” because its light almost carmel looking color. Continue reading

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Can beer be hydrating?

While yes you may be thinking that beer does the exact opposite, I looked into a study done by researchers at Granada University in Spain who tested 25 students by having them run on a treadmill until they were out of breath, half the group of students were given water and the other drank a spanish lager. After the activity was finished the researchers measured the hydration levels, the results were quite fascinating which resulting in the beer drinkers had a small but higher rehydration effect. The reasons being that the beer had additives sugars, salts, carbonation that enhancing the body ability to absorb water and nutrients. The carbs in the beer also helped add calories deficits that the body was lacking.

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