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Can beer make you fat?

I’ve been looking into these common questions regarding beer and what are the leading causes to these simple answered questions. How does beer make someone add a couple pounds? Should beer drinking be used in moderation all the time or … Continue reading

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Beer and Bacon Festival

What could be a better combo than beer and bacon? I sure can’t think of anything more satisfying. The beer and bacon festival happens every year and this will be my second time attending. They usually have the event during … Continue reading

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Beer Can Chicken

I was watching food network and came across a deletable recipe that uses beer to flavor chicken, it gives the chicken moistness, juiciness, and flavor you cannot get from anything else. After reading some recipes and questions to see if … Continue reading

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Beer Yoga

I have just discovered the latest trend that in becoming a huge hit in Europe, Beer and Yoga! The two have collided and have joined forces thanks to two yoga instructors from Berlin, Julia and Emily. They’ve begun teaching classes inside … Continue reading

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Wheat Beer…

My next discovery was on the simple question what is a wheat beer? I know that most beers essentially are made with the idea that wheat is one of the main ingredients which to my discovery is somewhat true. Wheat … Continue reading

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ISO Beers

I had to make a shout out to the infamous ISO Beers which is a beer shop in downtown San Jose that sells all sorts of styles. They have a great sour selection and every time I visit they give … Continue reading

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Beer for beginners.

With this being my very first post, on my very first blog I wanted to start off talking about my big interest in beer. I first started learning about the process of making beer at home with a guy I … Continue reading

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